Askelkyykky + ojentajapunnerrus

1.Set exercise bands to rear foot
2.Position Gymstick on your chest; the exercise bands should be tight enough
3.Take a long enough step forward
4.Lower your hip straight down after the step
5.Keep your back straight
6. When taking a step forward front foot and knee should be in a straight line
7. Make sure your knee of the rear foot does NOT travel past your toes in the down position
8. Hold your breath when going to down position
9. Position Gymstick at the upper part of the chest
10. Hold your body’s mid-section tight; body control
11. Your elbows should bend slightly to the sides (humeral articulation at a 70-80 degree angle)
12. Push Gymstick diagonally up to eye-level
13. Eccentric stage: inhale
14. Concentric stage: exhale