Price list
Choose an account type that matches your coaching needs

SYKE Ready

from 3,92 €/month
  • Supporting the beginner coaches with individual training and client attraction
  • 1 coach
  • 2 clients
  • 10 programs
  • Basic features, see below


from 31,92 €/month
  • Supporting the part-time and full-time coaches with professional individual training and client attraction
  • 1 coach
  • 50 clients
  • 1000 programs
  • Nutrition programs
  • Training results data
  • Logo in the programs
  • Basic features, see below


from 20,00 €/month
  • Supporting the coaches and coaching companies with professional individual, group, and online training, as well as client attraction
  • Unlimited number of coaches, clients, and programs
  • Nutrition programs
  • Training results data
  • Online training programs
  • Teams and groups management
  • Sharing clients between coaches
  • Internal program and material database for the company
  • Extended monitoring
  • White label
  • Online store
  • Basic features, see below

All accounts include the following features


  • Mobile app for you and your clients
  • A database that contains nearly 4,000 moves
  • A possibility to create your own moves
  • A tool for creating written instructions
  • A tool for creating periodic plans
  • Free text tasks for the clients (individual and regular)
  • Chat
  • Delivery of attachments


  • Visibility in the coach search
  • Initial information e-forms
  • Client data processing according to GDPR guidelines
  • Personal database of moves and program templates
  • Coach’s personal tasks
  • Client related notes (mini-CRM)
  • The possibility to mark clients as inactive


  • Automatic calculation of energy consumption
  • Training diary (with MET values)
  • Food diary
  • Notes
  • Tasks monitoring
  • Basic activity level monitoring (steps)
  • Performance monitoring (modifiable, choose what to monitor)
  • Mood and sleep monitoring
  • Weekly and total reports

Do you want to join a coaching program?

For the Syke Tribe trainees

The Syke Tribe platform and the mobile app are free for the trainees—you automatically have access to all Syke’s user functionalities!

Ask your coach whether he/she is using Syke, or search for a Syke coach trough our coach search.

If you’d rather coach yourself, try our Lite User account. You’ll get access to Syke’s extensive program database, plus you’ll be able to create your own training programs and complete them through the Syke mobile app.

Free User

For the trainees
  • Unlimited number of coaches
  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Use Syke’s features with the help of your coach

Lite User

Coach yourself
from 5,52 €/month
  • 30 programs
  • Create your own training program without a coach relationship


For challenging coaching programs

Through the SYKE Go account, you can manage your company and large amounts of clients in a more comprehensive way, plus you’ll be able to create yourself new earning models.

Who should use SYKE Go?

  • The company has more than one coach
  • You want to produce online or hybrid training programs
  • You want to have your own online store
  • You want the SYKE app in your company’s colors
  • You have more than 100 clients
  • You want to collect more extensive data about your clients
  • You want to test new concepts without limitations (e.g. online training)
  • You want to offer your trainees an even better client experience


  • Online coaching tool
    Create automatic coaching packages with instructions, tasks, and exercises.
  • White label
    Brand the Syke service and the mobile app so your coaches and clients can see it in your company’s colors.
  • Online store
    Sell your training programs and other products in your own SYKE online store.


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All prices include 24% VAT except SYKE Go 0%.

Number of programs

Each periodic plan, aerobic program, muscle group program, etc. is considered a program. E.g. if you do a 3-part program + a periodic plan + an aerobic program, you will have used five programs. New programs can be accessed by removing old ones or by upgrading your account.