Twerk with Tinze - Learn the basics (EN)

4 weeks of twerk basics for beginners as an online coaching

This is 4-Week Online Twerk Beginners Course - made just for you <3

29,50 € 59,00 €

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to learn twerking with me.

My 4-Week Twerk Online Course. You have all asked about this for years, that’s why I’m so excited to launch it. I’ve created this online course so that you can learn the basics of twerk!

After 4 weeks, you’ll feel empowered, confident, and amazing.

Coaching in a nutshell

  • 14 technique videos
  • Photos
  • Extra material
  • Motivational videos
  • Routine
  • Lots of fun
Twerk with Tinze - Learn the basics (EN)
Duration 4 weeks
Starts every monday
Price 29,50 € (30.7 USD)

Twerk with Tinze

29,50 € 59,00 €

Jump in whenever you want to!

You can choose the start date of the coaching yourself.

Learn to love your body even more!

4-Week Online Twerk Beginners Course

The more you cherish your body and give yourself credit, the faster you’ll learn twerking!

Are you afraid of attending twerk classes? Do you feel you can’t dance? Do you think you need a bigger booty? Your family, friends, or partner do not support you? NO WORRIES — YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Each and every person goes through the same emotions before attending twerk classes. I got you <3

This is my first Twerk Beginners course, and I’ll make sure you’ll learn how to twerk. I made this online course so that you can practice at home, while traveling, or during your vacation. This course is made especially for those who are not able to attend my classes or workshops. And also for those who want to focus on practicing the technique.

In 4 weeks, you’ll learn the fundamentals of twerking. Every week, you’ll learn 3 to 4 completely new techniques. Are you ready to become a twerk queen/king? I’ll make sure you’ll learn how to shake, drop, pop, and jiggle your booty. We love every body type and all beautiful booties! It’s all about the technique, and every booty will learn how to twerk. You do not need previous dance experience. And, remember, other people’s opinion doesn’t matter—it’s your body and your hobby. We are proud of ourselves!

Come on and dance with me!

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  • You want to learn how to twerk
  • You can't attend to twerk classes
  • You want to learn to love your body
  • You want lots of fun
  • No previous dance experience is required

Coaching info

During these 4 weeks, we’ll go through multiple different twerk positions together and have fun while dancing. This is a great opportunity for you to learn a new dance style, start a new hobby, get comfortable with your body, and take over that dance floor. And there is more—this is also a 4-week workout routine. You’ll be using some parts of your body for the first time, so be ready to sweat, tone your body, and even lose some weight. The vital part of twerking is to learn different techniques. And I have made 14 technique tutorial videos just for you!

No previous dance experience is required.

My videos are dynamic, easy to follow, and informative. You can practice whenever you feel like it.

I want to try!

Introducing the coach

I’m Tinze, the Twerk Queen from Finland. I am the most famous Twerk dancer in Scandinavia and the very first Finnish Twerk Champion 2015. I’ve been teaching twerking for 6 years and I’m the owner of the first Twerk School in Finland—Tinze Twerk Studio. I am internationally well known and respected dance teacher. I tour and teach all around the world at the sold out venues and events.

I am a twerk professional with years of teaching experience. My style of teaching is energetic and supportive. We laugh, learn and have fun together.

Twerk is my passion! People feel empowered after my classes, and that’s something I want to share with you, guys!


This is a great opportunity to attend my online course from anywhere in the world.
P.S. That’s how I learned to twerk years ago <3

  • 14 technique videos
  • Photos
  • Extra material
  • Motivational videos
  • Routine
  • Lots of fun
  • We describe this as professional, supportive, fun, informative, dynamic, and easy to follow <3
  • You’ll feel amazing and confident!

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Can I exercise whenever I want to?

Yes you can! Exercises can be done whenever! All the video tutorials are filmed in advance so there are no live classes in this coaching, you can attend the day’s workout whenever you want to.

How does the system work?

You can attend the coaching by using SYKE Tribe’s iOS or Android mobile application or you can also log in to our web portal by using your browser,

Can I watch the videos from TV?

Yes, if you can attach your computer/lap top with an HDMI to your TV. Alternatively you can mirror SYKE Tribe-application with Apple TV for example.

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How does the online coaching work?

  1. Buy the coaching program
  2. After the purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to download the SYKE mobile app
  3. The coaching begins on a specific day (usually it’s the next Monday following the purchase), when the coaching content becomes available in the SYKE app
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  5. The coaching begins and you get access to the material
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  7. By default, you can access your training materials during 2 months after the end of the coaching
  8. Once the coaching is completed, you can review the program
  9. You can continue using the SYKE app free of charge even after the coaching program, as there are many complimentary functionalities on the app that you might still find useful
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